What are Reeds for?


The purpose of Reeds in an instrument is to send acoustic waves through it. It is one of the most important parts of the instrument that the players would see to it that it is in proper condition before they would play. One small damage to the reeds and they could be playing a different sound than the one they originally imagined. When something goes wrong, the reed always gets the blame so you will never meet a musician who is always happy with the reed.

They are always finding out ways to make it improve in order to produce the best songs possible. It is not an easy job to make music as you have to find out the perfect combination for your target audience to like it. Some reeds can be improved by storing them in magic fluids but it is obvious the musicians have researched their own way of improving them. They know they must take good care of the reeds because it is one key factor that will get them a huge record label signing. There are thousands of musicians all over the world who are just waiting for that one big opportunity and they will rise to the top and never look back. Of course, it is easier said than done since there are so many aspiring musicians which is the reason why there are so many shows auditioning people to be the next breakout start. There are a lot of competition for them which is actually the best part because there is no better feeling in the world than to win over them all. Imagine all the things that you all have to go through just to win the competition and there can only be one winner.

The celebrity judges will show no mercy for the contestants because they know they will get bad reputation if they end up picking the wrong winner. Sometimes, the fans can also vote for who they want the competition which is where the contestants will try and suck up to the fans on social media. There are times when it works but most of the times it is the network that really makes the decision on who will be the victor in the end.

Music Business


The music business is not an easy one to get into as it lets you get into some trials and tribulations but if you really love the world of music then there should be no problem going through with it. It is going to be one hell of a ride as the musician will treat his reeds like his own pet. However, the reeds won’t last long unless the musician takes good care of it. He can research about how to make a reed last long but you know when it must be replaced because there will come a time when the music that is sounding off becomes bad. In one album, there can only be a couple of really good songs but there are going to be fans that will appreciate everything you can bring to the table and those are the people you should always make happy.

Musicians and Reeds


Reeds is one thing that is not overlooked when a musician is playing his instrument. It is something he always keeps in mind from the beginning of the performance up until the very end. Each musician has his own tactic on how to improve it or it is possible that he may opt to replace it every now and then. That is not such a bad idea either so they can test out all the time which reed works best in the instrument whether it is a claret or a saxophone.

The reeds change when the temperature and weather changes so you must adjust accordingly. You will sing a different tune when it is summer and when it is winter. You better get familiar with reeds as early as possible since you can’t call a magician to come and make it better. They need to be taken good care of since they will eventually wear out. A good musician knows how to take good care of his reeds and not let that secret get to his fellow musicians.