Musicians and Reeds


Reeds is one thing that is not overlooked when a musician is playing his instrument. It is something he always keeps in mind from the beginning of the performance up until the very end. Each musician has his own tactic on how to improve it or it is possible that he may opt to replace it every now and then. That is not such a bad idea either so they can test out all the time which reed works best in the instrument whether it is a claret or a saxophone.

The reeds change when the temperature and weather changes so you must adjust accordingly. You will sing a different tune when it is summer and when it is winter. You better get familiar with reeds as early as possible since you can’t call a magician to come and make it better. They need to be taken good care of since they will eventually wear out. A good musician knows how to take good care of his reeds and not let that secret get to his fellow musicians.